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Singing Songs and Praying Prayers
7:23am - 02/09/2012
For the last ten years my life in some way or another has been entwined in the faith journey of a dear friend and neighbour. She is a joy to me, in her simplicity of practice, in her deep profound love, and the holiness which is her very self.

This past little while I have rekindled my weekly visits to her, as she comes closer to death, and she slowly loses parts of her life that has meant so much.

She no longer reads her Bible each night, for she cannot see; She no longer provides the gift of hospitality. She doesn't always speak my name because she is forgetting, this and that, circumstances and situations. These gaps are now ably filled by her children and grandchildren. Sons read aloud Scripture each evening. Daughters provide baths and make sure she has all she needs.  Songs are sung, and prayers are said. All are a part of the care and comfort of their dear loved one.

She may seem helpless, yet each time I enter her presence, I am overwhelmed by the beauty and love that is ever present.  She radiates this as a gift to all, no matter the age nor circumstance.

As I look into her face, lines upon lines wrinkle together, telling the story of her life, family, struggles, and blessings.
As I hold her hand I am humbled by the beauty of her life, the simplicity of her love, and the profound effect it has had upon all her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and friends.

In the short while I have been present in her life she has shown me so much more. She has celebrated, lamented, chastised, and offered advice in her own way. For me she lives out her faith and her humanity to the fullest.

I have thanked God each night for her presence in this world, and now each night I ask for her to finally go home.

It is her prayer; it is her hope. She has lived her life and now is preparing to enter into a fuller encounter with the Lord.

With each passing day I feel guilt that I would want to hold on to her longer. I would want to stop time, and stay in the holiness of the moment.

This cannot be; It has not been.  There have been holy men and women throughout time, offering love and thanks to God our Creator. Marys, Sarahs, Johns, Franks, Emilys; All have lived over the ages and will do so in the future.

We are a part of the vine of the church, singing songs and praying prayers, from Eden to a stable, to the home on Jone's Lane, to the dwellings of the future.

Let us find and hold our dwelling in God

Creator and friend

God bless,

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